SolarFlow - Commercial Letter of Authorization

Dear Sir / Madam,

  • I, on behalf of (Name of Electricity Account Holder), hereby authorize Engineering Concepts, Inc. D.B.A. (Name of my Authorized Representative), to be my Authorized Representative for the purpose of entering into a contract for and on my behalf with Xcel Energy, Inc and a community Solar Garden Operator, for the Community Solar Rewards Program with my Electric Utility Company. Additionally, I have authority to bind to any agreements as they relate to enrolling into a community solar program. 

Primary Account Holder:

Account Number: 


Service Address: 

  • I confirm that my Authorized Representative named above will provide the following for verification by Community Solar Garden Operator
  1. This Authorization Letter duly signed by me;
  2. A copy of my Xcel Energy Utility Bill
  3. Community Solar Agreement
  4. Xcel Energy SAA form
  5. Payment Authorization Form
  6. Xcel Consent to release utility data Form.
  7. 3 Years of Company Financial Statements (Preferably audited)
  • I understand and acknowledge that if the above documents cannot be verified, The Community Solar Garden Operator will not enter into any contract(s) as they relate to the Community Solar Rewards Program and I will not receive a discount on any production credits I may qualify for.

However if required, I, , authorize and permit  Engineering Concepts, Inc DBA "SolarFlow" to perform a one time credit check for the sole purpose of establishing my eligibility as a Subscriber  in a community solar garden. I also authorize and give permission for Engineering Concepts, Inc DBA "SolarFlow" to disclose credit  information with 3rd parties only as they relate to eligibility for entering into a community solar agreement. 



I hereby acknowledge and confirm that all information supplied above is true, complete and accurate.

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